Stefano Abbate is a tenacious but flexible professional that leads by example and finds cutting the edge solutions for the business. Working effectively with high performance management teams, he has a keen sense of identifying trouble areas while leading planning and implementing reorganizing strategies.

He focuses on the elements that really add value to the business. He conceptualizes complex issues and designs effective solutions that have a fast and positive impact on the business and customer satisfaction.

Computer network design and analysis

Analysis of the current business processes and how they exploit the current network infrastructure. Suggestion of additional features and next steps to increase the efficiency of the operations.

Internet-based telephony solutions

Telephone utilization can be costly.

Through expert analysis of telephone operations, Stefano will evaluate and recommend alternatives to current telephone usage. Optimization of telephone costs (e.g. after assessment of call statistics) can free up phone operators, enhance productivity and ultimately improve bottom line revenues.

Computer-based security solutions

Are you secure?

Analysis of the current security procedures, where appropriate, development of a Security Policy to meet the operational needs while ensuring consumer and user confidence. Security spans from the use and management of Antivirus software to procedures to avoid involuntary exposition of private intelligence and mitigate information leaks.

Business Intelligence

Accurate and timely data = best decision making.

Analyzing business data such as products, service costs, utilization and basic reporting of historical, current and predictive views is critical for effective decision making. Use of different tools to support better decision-making. The ability to track, compare and forecast specific parameters of the business is a key component in maintaining a leading edge in competitive markets.

Efficient equipment procurement solutions

Quality, substance and speed.

Selection of cost effective and appropriate hardware and accessories is a must for any business. Consideration for future technology demands/direction, reliability, warranty and long term expansion capabilities and major components for strategic procurement solutions.