Are you planning for 2020? Whether you are a small or medium business, the investment you make today must be capable of meeting your needs in the future. Strategic innovative solutions can position a business to take advantages of changes "as they happen now and in the future".

Developing a long-term capital and operational strategy that is sustainable is not easy, especially if the current technologies are not well-known or understood. Over the years new capabilities have reduced costs (from 10% to 85%) and sparked innovation. For example, a business cannot ignore:

Green IT

It is the study and practice of designing, manufacturing or using computer equipment and accessories efficiently and effectively with minimal impact on the environment. For example, the use of electronic bills is environmental friendly and reduces postal delivery costs.
Activities like this have inner savings in terms of energy, resources and costs. Despite the initial investment, surprisingly the ROI is higher than expected.

Cloud Computing

It allows people to ask services to a "cloud", a group of computer and computer-related devices able to provide the required services. Users do not need to know or own the IT infrastructure of the "cloud" but just use it. As a result there is an availability of powerful resources at low cost. Major advantages include relevant savings in power, cooling, facility spaces, maintenance costs and leaving more time to support strategic business processes.


It enables to run multiple "virtual computers" called virtual machines on a single physical computer. Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications. In this way, a physical machine is fully utilized, less physical servers available means less maintenance time, leaving more time to think about the business. Less hardware means less money spent and the reliability of such systems are guaranteed by well-know procedures.